Collection: Kilim Rugs

Kilim, gelim, or flatweaves are versatile pileless rugs produced using various flatweaving techniques. These rugs come from various regions, including parts of Iran, Turkey, North Africa, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central Asia, and China. Kilim rugs appear almost identical on both sides, allowing them to be used on either side, which is a notable advantage compared to other types of carpets. They feature distinctive patterns and designs. The key difference between kilim rugs and pile rugs or carpets lies in their construction. Pile rugs have individual short strands of different colors knotted onto the warps and held together by tightly packed wefts, while kilim rugs are created by interweaving differently colored wefts and warps. The weaving technique, using warp and weft, produces linear and geometric patterns. When the design elements are separated, small holes become visible, which occur as a result of the weaving process. Kilims from the Middle East typically showcase vibrant colors derived from plants and minerals. Therefore, these original kilims are 100% natural products.

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