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Best Antique Stores in St John's: Find Unique and Authentic Treasures

St. John's, the capital and largest city of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, ranks among North America's oldest and most historic cities in North America. It has been a strategic port and a hub of trade, fishing, and exploration for centuries. 

Today, St. John's is a modern and cosmopolitan city that offers a variety of attractions, activities, and experiences for visitors and locals alike. From its colorful houses and historic landmarks to its lively nightlife and cultural festivals, St. John's is a city that celebrates its past and embraces its future.

One way to experience St. John's charm and uniqueness is to explore its antique stores. 

Whether you are looking for rare and authentic pieces to decorate your home or office, or you are simply curious about the past, you will find something that suits your taste and budget. The city has a number of antique stores that sell a wide range of goods, such as furniture, jewelry, porcelain, silver, art, books, toys, and more. 

In this guide, we will show you some of the best antique stores in St. John's and what they have to offer. So, get ready to explore the history and beauty of St. John's through its antique stores.

Again & Again

A social enterprise that supports Home Again Furniture Bank, a non-profit that provides free donated furniture to people in need. It sells old couches, refurbished items, and unique pieces. It is located at 25 Hebron Way, St John’s.

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Dats-A-Goodie Store

A unique antique store that sells a variety of items, such as, art, books, collectibles You can also find some interesting and quirky pieces at this store, such as vintage signs, lamps, and toys. It is located at 570 Water St, St John’s. 


livyers antiques
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A general antique store that has been in business for 30 years. It stocks antique furniture, porcelain, and silver. It is located at 202 Duckworth St, St John’s.

Rosemill Antiques & Collectibles

Rosemill antiques

A family-owned antique store that specializes in vintage jewelry, china, glassware, and pottery. It is located at 245 Water St, St John’s.

Rug the Rock

Your source for antique rugs. We curate handmade Persian, Turkish, Afghan, Caucasian and Moroccan wool rugs. You can find some exquisite and authentic rugs for your home or office. We are located at 2 St Andrews Pl, St. John's.

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We hope this article helps you find the perfect antique item for your home or office. Enjoy :)

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